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Posted by Eilish & Fiona AKA 'The Marie Me Matchmakers'! ❤️ on 9th Nov 2022


REALWEDDING // Bronagh & Ruairí 

If ever there was a person that Pharrell Williams was singing about in his iconic ‘Happy’ song it has to be Bronagh because she never stops smiling! We had the almighty pleasure of helping this beautiful lady find her perfect dress and she made our job very easy indeed! But before we talk about her AMAZING dress let start way back when this lovely couple first met! Bronagh tells us:

‘Ruairí had been living in Sydney for 10 years (definitely not lost the Tyrone accent though. I decided to leave my job and pack up for Sydney in 2016 (despite everyone trying to convince me it was absolute madness to give up a decent job and a nice house for the unknown!)

I was only in Sydney a few months when we met in Ruairí's local pub, that one of my friends had previously worked in. Friends introduced us & we got chatting. Went out on our first date to a whiskey bar, that lead to the second date out for dinner. There was a little mix up on the location of the restaurant for the 2nd date and I arrived 2 hours late...bless him, he was still waiting patiently a few pints later lol !I actually said 'many men would have left the alter quicker' forward 6 years later and I arrived at the chapel in perfect timing!!

As for the proposal - our little man Donncha accidentally dropped the engagement ring receipt out of Ruairí's wallet before lockdown in March 2020 and I found it on the living room floor. On a wee trip to Kilronan Castle 2 and half years later I got given the ring lol !

How much did you love your wedding dress?

I loved loved loved my wedding dress!

Initially I wasn't even going to try it on because it didn't meet enough of my 'criteria'. Eiméar & Fiona convinced me to try it on and it really threw me because I loved it but it didn't fit with the idea I had in my head. The more I thought about it the more I loved it.

I tried on a lot of amazing dresses but a lot of them reminded me of other friends' dresses and I just wanted something that was just me. As a wee shortie there were a lot of dresses I just got lost in. The Lucia Watters dress was just perfect!

I'm sad i don't have another excuse to wear it again - I can imagine in a few years i'll want to invite the girls round and we'll all have a night in our wedding dresses again ...a bit like that episode of Friends where Monica, Rachel & Phoebe are sitting watching TV in wedding dresses lol

Tell us about your wedding (You might want to include; Your theme/ the inspiration behind the styling/ the vibe of your day?)

No theme to the wedding - just smiles. In the words of Elf 'Smiling's my favorite' We just wanted to celebrate with our nearest and dearest. So many of us hadn't seen each other for years because of lock down and those who lived close we still barely saw so this was the first chance to get everyone together in one place at one time.

Memorable moment? What was the highlight of your day?

Getting to the top of the altar and seeing Ruairí' s face knowing that I'd walk out of the chapel with him as Mrs McAleer!

Also seeing wee Donncha at the top of the aisle - ready to walk up as Page-boy - it was a real proud mammy moment.

Your top tip / word of advice for other couples planning their wedding day?

Remember the real reason you're getting married - to spend the rest of your life with the person you can't live without.

There will always be something that does not go according to your plan - brush it off, smile and cherish every moment of the first day as Mr & Mrs :)

Congratulations Mr & Mrs McAleer, we are delighted to have played a tiny part in your beautiful wedding. May we wish you a lifetime of happiness together. xx