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Communion Dresses

Our Rosa Clara and Aire Barcelona Communion dresses range in price from £360 - £450.

All other ranges that we stock start at £150 - £300

We also have a full rail of discontinued Communion dresses that range in price from £50 - £200 that can be purchased off the rail.

We start taking appointments in October the year before the Communion date.  We can accept re-orders from October to the end of January (depending on the Designer) and from January we sell from stock as there is not enough time to order a new dress in.  

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  • A11


    A long communion dress made of two layers of shiny satin and four layers of soft, delicate tulle. The corset is decorated with beautiful embroidery with a floral motif. The embroidery sleeve is finished with a delicate tape. At the waist, the dress is...

  • On Sale


    MSRP: £280.00

    A communion dress made of lace embroidered with crystals with a beautiful delicate pattern, lined with two layers of wrinkled tulle. The bottom of the skirt is finished with a decorative tape. At the waist, the dress is decorated with a smooth satin belt...